Convergence of Extremes

Often times, when we hear the word “insane” we associate the term with mental instability characterized by stupidity. But if we take a moment to ponder the nature of insanity, we realize it is the exact opposite of ignorance. Mental instability is often characterized by flights of thoughts, cognitive dissonance, and hysteria. How could a mind that is constantly pondering, reflecting, and expressing excessive emotion be attributed to stupidity?

In many cases, we find that revolutionary innovations and complex theories have been proposed by individuals “plagued” by mental disabilities (Einstein, Nash, possibly Jefferson and Eddison). So how is it that individuals characterized by impaired mental capacities can apprehend the complexities life and its constituencies? Though these individuals may be considered exceptions to the societal standard by which these individuals are belittled, we must account for their achievements as those of the diseased class, not those of the exceptions; this would, thereby, coerce us to reassess the standards we have so arrogantly set.

Though it is undeniable that the symptoms of many mental illnesses impair everyday function, we must acknowledge the fact that many mentally impaired individuals can easily assimilate into their social atmospheres. Contrary to popular belief, it is usually the most intelligent individuals of such backgrounds that find difficulty in fitting in, not the most “retarded” individuals. This may be attributed to the fact that the intellectual capacities of the boundless streams of consciousnesses of such individuals surpass those of a “normal” individual possessed by the difficulties of a life characterized by realism and the lusted ideals of pop culture. A mind that can dissociate from problematic pragmatism and the desperate desire of a “high-life” can surely perceive the inconceivable as it has transcended true shackles of the “normal” human mind-the confinements and hopeless nature of realism.


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