The Radicalism of Existence

There is a certain hypocrisy that is characteristic of humanity.

There is a glassiness in the eyes of every individual that reflects the uncertainty within.

There is a strength that endures the eminence of weakness.

There is a need to satisfy the void that leaves us empty-the void that makes us human.

There is a radicalism that is manifest in humanity; the radicalism of unconditional love; the radicalism of liberal instinct; the radicalism of absolute freedom; the radicalism of righteousness; the radicalism of fervor, of passion, of desire.

Being human is quite radical. You have all these feelings and thoughts that often conflict with each other and you’re driven by your desires and you’ve lost the ability to steer yourself through a life that is ultimately your own. You’ve lost the radicalism that fuels ambition. You’ve lost the ambition that ignites the spark of hope in succeeding in the arduous pursuit of existence.

But there is a fire that burns in the eyes of the broken, of the desirous, of the ambitious- the fire of a burning radicalism that yearns to revolt, to rebel, to influence, and be recognized.

This fire burning within my eyes is smoldering the glassiness.

My anger, my anger burns.


About shesnotavailable

A youth determined to challenge manifest misconceptions and uphold offensive positions on just about every subjective matter. View all posts by shesnotavailable

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